Why You Need Concierge Medicine

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Having to wait for anything is usually frustrating whether you have to be somewhere else or not. Having to wait while in pain is a lot worse. Concierge medicine services help to reduce such inconveniences and offer more perks.

A survey showed that the average time it takes for a new patient to see a specialty physician is 18.5 days. This situation is due to the shortage of medical practitioners in the country.

Also, due to the long line of patients that doctors have to attend to, they can only dedicate a few minutes to each case. Sometimes, 10 to 15 minutes is not enough time for your doctor to check you out thoroughly and ensure that you don’t have any other underlying conditions.

Concierge services come in to bridge that gap for patients who yearn for quality service. For instance, the best concierge medicine Dallas has to offer can accord you same day appointments when you require urgent medical attention.

Sometimes injuries and illnesses occur in the worst of times. Getting to see your doctor on the weekend or during late hours can be a problem since most doctor’s offices are closed at this time. However, with membership medicine, the doctor makes the exception to see you when you need him or her. You also get personal access to them by being able to call or email them when you have a problem.

Patients under a retainer medicine plan are also less likely to visit the ER. A study by the British Medical Journal showed that emergency visits from patients with concierge medicine service are less than half of the visits done by people who don’t use the service. The reduced visits don’t only apply to emergency room visits as also surgeries, hospitalizations, and even specialized visits also reduce significantly.

One of the reasons for such significant reductions is the doctor-patient relationship that is made possible by the concierge services. Many people might wonder why a patient might want to see a doctor for 45 minutes or more. However, doctors can do more than just treat your current illnesses. They also give you advice on how to live better with information ranging from diet, exercise, and even alternative therapy options such as getting a massage to ease your pain instead of pain medication. A concierge doctor will also give you the best advice that is tailored to your unique nature since you have a good personal relationship.

One of the downsides of retaining a concierge medical practitioner for a long time now has been high yearly retainer fees. However, the industry has significantly diversified, and now you can get quality service for an affordable price. For instance, you can get access to the best concierge medicine Dallas has to offer for only a few hundred bucks a year.

Before you retain the services of a concierge medicine practitioner, it is advisable to iron out the details of your plan. Therefore, you should seek to find out what perks are offered such as the length of visits and appointment scheduling methods.

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