When a Severe Auto Accident Occurs Hire an Accident Attorney

Published On June 21, 2017 | By admin | Automotive

When a serious accident occurs, you should call an injury attorney immediately. Otherwise, you could lose your right to sue later if the injury or vehicle damage proves substantial. The best option is to call an attorney from the Becker Law Office. The following provides a number of examples of how an accident attorney can make a difference.

1. When the other person is clearly at fault, and admits it, and any injuries are minor with no circumstances that would require an investigation, some people choose to pass on an accident attorney’s services. However, a person can never know the true extent of someone else’s injuries, or their own, so it is always prudent to contact an attorney.

2. Complicated scenarios might arise and there may be questions about a statute of limitations or uncertainties about insurance coverage. Some people start out handling their own case only to call an attorney later.

3. When liability for the accident is unclear or the parties involved share liability, an individual should notify their attorney.

4. If it is unclear how to evaluate a claim, an attorney can offer timely assistance. They know the ropes.

5. There are occasions when an insurance adjuster may ask for medical records prior to the accident. This could be an opportune time to rely on the expertise of an accident attorney.

6. If an adjuster refuses a lump sum payment and offers some type of structured settlement, an attorney can help walk you through the variables.

7. If you lack the confidence, skill, or knowledge to negotiate a settlement on your own behalf, an attorney can provide the support and assistance you need.

8. If an accident results in lost wages, it may be difficult to prove without the help of an auto accident attorney. Some people are consultants, sales persons, and business owners. An attorney can help prove loss of income.

9. There may also be circumstances that can increase the value of your claim, but you do not have the ability to prove this on your own. An example would be a caregiver that can no longer take care of a client or loved one due to an auto accident.

10. If your insurance company denies your claim, then it is time to seek the advice of an auto accident attorney. Unfortunately, insurance companies may not always have the best interest of the policy holder at heart.

11. Sometimes an insurance company will offer a settlement that is too low. An attorney can offer advice in this area as they deal with these things all the time.

12. Insurance claims and law suits can drag on. As a result, people realize they are not even close to settling their claim. An attorney can take the case and expedite matters. Many people, having filed a claim, are not ever aware of their state’s statute of limitations.

Because you can never know if an insurance company’s lawyers are out to reduce compensation, or even deny a claim altogether, hiring an accident attorney can be the best solution for anyone involved in a severe auto accident.

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