Some measures to ensure your septic tank works smoothly

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Septic systems require maintenance to prevent the solid waste from reaching the leach lines or cause clogging. Heavy rains especially can cause major problems if the septic is not well maintained throughout that season. Understanding how it works will help in improved maintenance.

Regular maintenance

Your septic requires proper servicing about every three to five years. This ensures that any over-flow is taken care of before it happens and causes serious damage to the property. The process involves the septic service provider coming in for inspection and pumping. It is always good to keep a report for future reference. He/she should also note down the repairs that have already been done and account for any extra charges. Sometimes extra services may be required and should be noted down.

Increase accessibility

Ease of access helps in improving the servicing process. Most of the time when the septic trucks – vacuumxpress come for pumping, it’s difficult if the tank is buried deep under the ground. It is a good idea to install tank risers and lids to make the process easier and faster. This also helps in emergencies and allows for faster repairs. Plus, it will cost you if you enlist someone to dig it or you will be tired if you do it yourself.

Regular inspection

It’s good to hire a servicing company that can come and check the condition of the tank at least annually. This includes checking baffle tees which are found on either side of the pipe inlet and inlet. They help in stopping the flow of waste water and allow the incoming waste to flow into the septic tank which is under the crust level. They should be properly installed and it should be ensured that they are not clogged.

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