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Facebook is the most popular social media with millions of users logging in and signing up daily to connect with the rest of the world. This is a platform that offers the opportunity to tailor specific ads to the right audience.

Increase your followers

You don’t necessarily need a Facebook page, you could easily just use your account to sell your products and offer your service for free. This is somehow limiting in regard to how many friends you have since its limited to 5000 friends only. But thanks to features like followers which is not limited. So if you have your 5000 friends and a few more thousand followers, you already have a large audience.

Have a business page

If you have a separate Facebook business page, you need to make great posts. They should be visually appealing and compelling. You could include short scripted videos and gifs. People love gifs. Try them all since it’s all free. Then link them up to your personal account to redirect people. You could open a blog; find out the perks such as InMotion Hosting Advantages. You could as well have multiple accounts but this requires you having multiple email accounts as each account is singularly connected to one Facebook account.

Be aggressive in posting content

Make a commitment to go an extra mile. There are a number of ways to grow your Facebook presence. Facebook offers ways to boost more people at affordable prices. Saturate your market and be aggressive with regular posting. This will increase the number of people visiting your page plus if people like your products and services they will share your posts. Well this is not only a good recommendation for your targeted audience but also a boost in the number of people visiting your page. Thanks to the improved feature on Facebook where you get to monitor the number of likes, shares, comments and visitors coming your way.

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