DIY Woodworm Treatments May Leave You at Greater Risk

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The perils of using DIY woodworm treatments instead of contacting professionals are not normally considered by people who have made the unwanted discovery that their furniture, timber and structure are under threat from woodworm. The immediate response for many is to pop to the local DIY store and obtain a treatment which states that it will kill woodworm.

This seems, at first glance, like a sensible course of action.  However, this could be an error which still leads to contacting professional woodworm specialists. If DIY woodworm treatments were universally successful why would there be a need for experts and firms like Thames Valley Timber Treatment?

If you want to kill woodworm and reclaim your property then take advantage of professional qualifications, experience and solutions which over the counter treatments and shop assistants cannot deliver. Specialists have access to woodworm treatments which are stronger and more effective than high street alternatives.

It’s a simple question of peace of mind; do you hope that your assumption that the DIY woodworm treatment has worked is correct or know that a woodworm specialist solution has cleared the infestation, with professional guarantees?


Structural integrity can be compromised to a dangerous degree by the activity within the timber. The larvae and pupa eat the cellulose, burrow, bore holes and create tunnels known as galleries to explore new sources when the old areas have been exhausted and the timber left weakened.

Remember, where the over the counter treatment doesn’t kill woodworm effectively your timber will still be under attack, steadily becoming less sound and potentially injurious. The cost of hiring woodworm treatment specialists is less than the distress and physical harm that people could experience by falling through a floor, snapping the back of a chair or crashing from the attic to ground level plus the subsequent medical treatment and time off work.

DIY options appear far less attractive when they leave you vulnerable.


Woodworm is an umbrella term for a variety of wood boring beetles.

Woodworm lay their eggs in the warmer months, so between April and September. These are secreted in the crevices of the wood which allows the mother to feel confident that they’ll hatch undisturbed. After hatching the larvae woodworm form, they take 2-5 years to develop in to pupa and adult beetles. At this stage, they leave the timber; at surface level dust that is spilled from the tunnel (gallery) on exit is called frass.

The focus of their energy as a beetle is to procreate, they live for less than 2 weeks as beetles. As soon as their task is accomplished they die.

Clues that you need a woodworm specialist:

  • Damaged/crumbling/weak timber.
  • Fresh looking holes and galleries.
  • These are often difficult to see.
  • Dead beetles.

Allowing a professionally qualified woodworm treatment expert to carry out a full survey to establish the size of the infestation and the severity of the issue is the only way to enjoy peace of mind.

Swiftly claim your property back from unwanted guests.

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