Different Types Of Fake Grass Explained

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Every homeowners wants to have a perfectly manicured lawn that always looks stunning. Being one of the focal points of a property, a well-maintained lawn can increase its value. And probably the best trick to have a neat and tidy lawn if you’re not a fan of the real thing is to use a fake grass. Today we’ll walk you through the different types of fake grass.

Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass, as the name itself implies, is a fake grass made from pure synthetic fibers. Fake grass is made to look like the natural grass. Back to the old days, turf grass was only used for areas like sports fields. Today, it is now being utilized for residential and commercial lawn improvement projects. Visit http://www.australiansyntheticlawns.com.au for more information.


If you’re living in areas with high temperatures, a good type of synthetic grass for you is the centipedegrass. It’s a low-maintenance type of fake grass that can withstand extremely high temperature and require little water for maintenance. Centipedegrass is characterized by compressed, flattened sheaths and with leaves rolled into the bud.


Bahiagrass is the best type of synthetic grass for warm season. This type of fake grass has a finer texture compared to other types. It blades are flat or folded, and are basically more than a quarter inch wide. This particular type of fake grass does very well on soils with a high level of pH.

Kentucky Bluegrass

A perfect type of fake grass that works well for cold season is the Kentucky grass. Kentucky bluegrass is a perennial, sod-forming grass, which makes a great option for many lawns. It endures colder temperatures and can be recognized by the folder leaves and blades that measure less than one eight inch wide.

Creeping Bent grass

As long as you do proper maintenance, this type of fake grass can stay alive in many regions. However, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance type of turf, this one is not for you. Creeping bent grass is recognized for its shallow, dense root system. Generally used for golf and tennis courts,this type is not recommended for lawn use and needs specialized equipment for proper maintenance.

Tall Fescue

Fine fescue is a cool season, low maintenance fake grass that works well in the shade. This type also requires low nitrogen and does not need much moisture in order to survive. Fine fescue is usually found on home lawns, campsites and public areas. You can easily identify this type of fake grassby its extremely narrow blades that are bristly and slightly folded. Fine fescue is a great option for areas with excessive moisture.

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