Contemporary Fireplace Remodeling Tips and Benefits

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Contemporary fireplaces are supposed to create a focal point that is not only practical but also attractive in your living room, office, loft, or condominium. The design features of modern fireplaces offer diversity regarding the look and feel of your home by employing innovative craftsmanship that complements your home’s style. Therefore, you should consider choosing a style that suits your personal taste and matches your property’s design.

One typical design preferred by most homeowners is a fireplace with inset lights that display the stonework. Sparkling white limestone and polished granite tend to blend well with this particular design. A good contemporary fireplace designer or contractor will take out enough time to discuss with you about all your other requirements before giving you advice on how to set the modern fireplace.

Some of the other valuable inclusions into your modern fireplace remodeling ideas is to add other materials such as shining chrome or brushed steel to create a stylish spectacle in your room. You can also choose to add shimmering limestone with a granite hearth and a smooth glass frontage for an elevated aesthetic value.

For a modest elegance look in your home, you can go for a chic black granite design. This kind of modern design gives your fireplace a striking spectacle that doesn’t feel too overpowering. You can also settle for a contemporary fireplace fitted with electric fire for a more ingenious statement piece.

Advantages of electric contemporary fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are modern fireplaces that don’t vent smoke like conventional fireplaces. They utilize bulbs that produce flames suitable for heating and have certain benefits.

  • Although electricity is relatively expensive regarding increased utility bills, it’s readily available as compared to the laborious nature of hauling firewood for traditional fireplaces.
  • With an electric fireplace, you can lite the fireplace or even control the flames at a touch of a button.
  • Electric fireplaces are perfect for homeowners who have kids and pets because the glass wall will stay cool to the touch.
  • They are less tedious to maintain because they don’t create ashes and you don’t need pokers and billows for tending to the fire at all times.
  • The only maintenance that comes with electric fireplaces is changing the light bulbs once they burn out.
  • It’s much easier to buy an electric fireplace at a retail store and install it on your own without seeking for some professional input.
  • They don’t require chimney installations like the traditional fireplaces, and hence they can be installed in various rooms in your home.
  • You can also move the electric fireplaces from one place to another, where heating is required, without much difficult because they are portable pieces

Always consult with the right experts stocking a wide range of quality and style of contemporary fireplace designs so as get good value for your money.

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